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The purpose of the planning

Creating knowledge and expertise in environment, and health through innovation in science and technology can find solutions to global challenges and contribute to achieving sustainable social development. Furthermore, as with the development of science and technology centered on openness and convergence, it is essential to exchange international-cooperative information on expertise and research professional. Therefore, with Canadian scientists and engineers who have the best research capability in the field of environment and health, this session will discuss plans for joint research collaboration and strategy to expand the research cooperation network for women scientists and engineers.

※ Keywords: Environment, Health, Sustainability, Collaborative Research


  • Sun Mi Choi

    Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine


  • Jong Sung Kim

    Professor of Dalhousie University, Canada

  • Jong-Deok Kim

    Director of the office of Global Programs, National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)



  • Sook-Kyung Kim

    Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science


  • Jungsun Yoon

    Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

  • Eun-Jung Park

    Kyung Hee University

  • Heeyeon Kim

    Korea Institute of Energy Research