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The purpose of the planning

The trend has been such that the main countries in the world have been emphasizing the revival of the business startups and the entrepreneurial spirit as a strategy for the survival. For the excavation of the creative and challenging business startup people of talent for the formation and the materialization of the corporate culture, for the topics for developing the people of talent, and for the conversion into an entrepreneurial university that leads the innovations and the growths, our university intends to proceed with a planned debate for diagnosing the university business startup education.

The main discussions.


Event time Detailed schedule Lecturer
13:00-13:30 • Registration.
13:30-13:40 • The opening and the introduction to the attendants. • Emcee: Sohn, Sohn, YoungKu
13:40-14:10 • Invitational lecture 1 • Speaker from Korea
 (Working title: Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit I)
14:10-14:40 • Invitational lecture 2 • Speaker from Korea
 (Working title: Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit II)
14:40-14:50 • Break time
14:50-15:20 • Invitational lecture 3 • Speaker from overseas
 (Working title: Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit III)
15:20-15:30 • General discussion and networking • 3 panel discussants.

* The schedule of the event can be changed according to the internal circumstances.


  • Shih-Hsung (Alex) Hwu

    College of Extended Learning San Francisco State University, USA

  • Lydia Shin Schroter

    Managing Partner of NEMIC

  • Jea Huh

    CEO of N15, Republic of Korea